The Los Angeles Urban Teacher Residency (LAUTR) is an intensive program that leads to earning a teaching credential and master’s degree at California State University Los Angeles (CSULA). The program offers three credential pathways: 1) Blended Elementary and Special Education, 2) Special Education with STEM Specialization Secondary Level, 3) Single-subject in Math or Science (biology, chemistry, and physics). Designed to equip future teachers to close the achievement gap in high-need urban schools, this 18 to 24 month graduate-level program follows an apprenticeship model that allows teacher residents to co-teach alongside outstanding mentor teachers for an entire school year.

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The Residency - an 18 to 24 month teacher residency program aligned with California teacher certification and CSULA’s requirements for a master’s degree in Integrated STEM Education.

You Will Earn:
• Preliminary a) Multiple-Subject-Education Specialist Blended Credential, b) Education Specialist Credential with STEM Specialization, OR c) Single-Subject Credential in Math or Science  
• Master’s Degree in Integrated STEM Education 
• Valuable teaching experience

We Will Provide:
• $25,000 living stipend
• Cohort with other beginning teachers
• Side-by-side mentoring in an urban classroom in Los Angeles

“The fight for quality education is a fight for social justice. No other issue offers the same promise of equality as education.”

- Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education


‟The LAUTR residency program's three main components—curriculum development, assessment development, and social justice framework—are essential in developing teacher-leader skills in its graduates as the voice of school reform from the inside-out."

- Emanuele Bardelli, LAUTR Cohort 1 Graduate

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